Mark Stramaglia

11 Moss Lane
Oakland, CA 94608



This is my one-person game studio located in Oakland California.

Bludgeonsoft makes Vilmonic, an artificial life game, as well as unusual music software specifically for live performance. BackToBasics, WMCP, Abominaclavia, 0303, and others.

Vilmonic is on Steam!

TuneUp Media Inc.

Client Architect & Principal Software Engineer
Designed, architected and coded the client app in Javascript with some Ruby/Python/PHP/C++. Responsible for a team of two front-end engineers and one UI designer. TuneUp fixes your digital music collection, corrects mislabeled songs, adds missing cover art and removes duplicate tracks. Automatically.

Metaweb Technologies Inc.

Senior Software Engineer
Developed an AJAX (and then HTML5) application framework and UI architecture for reading, displaying, and editing data from a custom graph-based database. Also helped develop a communications and database component on the server written in python. This became Freebase which was later sold to Google and became Google’s Knowledge Graph, a major component of Google today.

Applied Minds

Senior Software Engineer
Developed a custom experimental UI component architecture and layout engine in Flash using Actionscript (Javascript) to test new UI designs focused around extreme ease of use for big data applications.


Software Engineer
Developed automated image analysis, segmentation, and feature extraction software for the quantification of human tissue. Used Optimas and Matlab to process digital images of human tissue, recognize different tissue types, count nuclei, etc. and contrast that with data extracted from bioengineered tissue.

Carnegie Mellon University, Intermedia Media BFA 1993

JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, C++, C, PHP, Perl, etc.

Related applications
Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Flash, In Design, Visual Studio, various video and audio editing software, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

About Me

I am currently developing Vilmonic, a somewhat surreal, whimsical and deep, post-apocalyptic artificial life simulator with procedurally generated evolving pixel art life forms. *gasp!*

I started Vilmonic as a way of learning every aspect of game production, to create a game from scratch with as few off-the-shelf components as possible. The result is that Vilmonic is a self-funded completely DIY endeavor. The 2D game and animation engine, the GUI framework, the simulator, the graphics and design and marketing materials, all of it is created solely by me.

I’m also an experimental musician and multidisciplinary artist. I usually create music and art under the name Wizard Master ( using my own custom sampling and sequencing software BackToBasics, WMCP, Abominaclavia, and others.

My music software has been written up in Wired Magazine, Computer Music Journal and Computer Music Magazine and has won honorable mention at International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, Bourges, France.