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Music Software

Current Synth Project (WMCP)
Play with the ALPHA version (Chrome browser only, Linux, Windows, MacOS)

YouTube videos of development releases:
Similar videos on Instagram:

Found and other sound ambient genrative manipulation. Some of these make nice endless background music, others are more challenging. It’s also fun to just watch.


Other Software

Flippory, an image manipulation tool
And a nice writeup about it by Nathalie Lawhead, creator of the wonderful Electric Zine Maker




This is my current project, which has been going since 1999. Sometimes joined by my ORI bandmate Oliver Kollar (ORI, 40 Stories, Hammerdown Turpentine).

Newer – Includes the moderately more pop Vilmonic soundtrack.

Older – Check out the “Audio” section – Includes music projects Ombiont and Goodbye Doggy.


Operation Re-Information (ORI)

ORI was an anti-corporate concept band and art project. ORI was picked up by the esteemed experimental label Vinyl Communications (labelmates included Rob Crow and Kid606). We released three major albums, two eps, and countless cassettes and floppy disks (with a custom music player and two tracks). In 1997 we were contacted by an Apple PR “Evangelist” and told that Duran Duran had used my Macintosh software live on the Tonight Show, and because of that we were invited to play at the Apple campus, which we turned into a west coast tour.

Writeup in Wired

Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk picks ORI’s Ctrl album in Pitchfork’s “Musicians Favorite Albums”

Lost Operation Re-Information tracks

Someone ripped the three main ORI releases


Vilmonic, an Artificial Life Game

Vilmonic is a hard-core-yet-super-cute artificial life and evolution sandbox game, available on Steam and Android and previously, iOS (I stopped paying the developer fee). Here’s a Steam key if you want to play: TRDJW-2L2RL-P33DH

Development process on Twitter (now inactive)

Some great reviews of Vilmonic:

Rock Paper Shotgun
“How one Vilmonic player cracked the genome of artificial life”

Rock Paper Shotgun (Again)
“Some people play Vilmonic and become scientists, and their accomplishments are magnificent. They do actual research, and build on each other’s discoveries.”

Review by Mark Frauenfelder (Founder of Boing Boing)
“It’s like a cross between Creatures and Minecraft, but more intellectually and aesthetically sophisticated than either of those games.”

Steam for Windows, macOS, Linux

Android Google Play Store

iOS App Store (no longer available) for Windows, macOS, Linux