Game Play Information And Help

The goal of Vilmonic is to take care of the animatroids you’ve been provided with.

Try to keep all of the starting species from going extinct. You may have to harvest fungols and plant them near your animatroids so they don’t starve. You may also have to dig rivers or pools so your animatroids have somewhere nearby to drink.

Open the Notepad (click on the Clipboard icon in the toolbar) to see a list of the current species and species history.

The animatroids don’t like to reproduce in crowded areas, so you may have to push some of them to empty locations (select the Hand tool and walk into them) in order to get them to give birth.

Try to avoid the zombitons, they are attracted to your movement and will follow you around and attack you. Unless you move into the water – they hate water and will try to avoid it.


  • move: use the arrow keys or WASD keys
  • run: quickly double tap a direction key
  • use: press the space bar to use your currently selected (“equipped”) tool at your current location
  • move & use: click an object or on the ground to have your avatar move to that location and use your equipped tool. Some tools require you to highlight the object first.
  • grab: hold down left shift to temporarily select the Grab (hand) tool in your inventory
  • jog: hold down right shift to temporarily select the Move (jogger) tool in your inventory
  • equip: press the keys 0-9 to select the items in your tool belt
  • pause: press the P key to pause the game
  • split a pile: hold down the shift key and drag any pile to split the pile in half, hold down the meta key (the command key on Mac, the control key on Linux/Windows) and drag to grab just one itemfrom the pile. For touch devices, double tap and drag to split piles in half (that means: “tap and release and then quickly drag” a pile to an empty slot)

Saving Games

Games are automatically saved in the browser’s local storage, so saved games will not be accessible on other browsers, and anyone using the browser will have access to all saves. To move a save game to another browser, right click or long click on the options icon (the globe) and select Export/Import from the popup menu.


This is still a development release of the game, that means it is not fully complete. If you find that something is broken, or just have some suggestions, please let us know! Go here to file a bug report:

Coming Soon

  • achievements
  • more music
  • a heads up display showing the status of each animatroid
  • eggs?
  • sexual reproduction, currently animatroids just bud asexually
  • trees/vines?
  • many more craftable tools and items, like:
    leashes, name tags, whistles (to call an animatroid over to you), a DNA extractor (syringe), DNA holders (test tubes), an incubator, doors and gates, a feeder, a map, craftable food, trash can, more floors, more beverages, more wall and floor types, and more junk